CCNJ is pet friendly!

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At CCNJ we love pets! Today we have a special guest visiting for the first time! His name is “Misha” and he is Tyler’s first dog and is an Australian Cattle dog known as a “Red Heeler” He’s the first dog to come into our family since “Zack,” our family Golden Retriever who had passed some time ago 🙁 . Its good to have a dog around again. He’s truly a handsome little guy and very friendly, fun and playful.

IMG_0461 IMG_0463 IMG_0464







We hope to have him set-up in safety gear when he gets old enough to get his paws on sandpaper. Of course we’ll hook him up with all the safety gear such as ear plugs and eye protection! (LOL!) Way to go Tyler and Julia for bringing him in today to hang out with us out in the shop and in our offices 🙂

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