PART II – Why Buy Custom Made Cabinets ???

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In continuation of my last post, Part I of: “Why Buy Custom made Cabinets??” (for those of you who haven’t read it yet, here’s a link to it, ).. If you’re reading this, I suppose you’re interested and already pondering that same question. Perhaps you’re just curious or perhaps you’re considering a choice in cabinetry in terms of name brand vs. name brand. Which is better? Which will give you longevity? Which one won’t? Which will give you better service? For the everyday layman, these can be difficult questions to answer. Maybe looks are all that matters to you or it could be because your neighbor bought a set and you want the same thing. You want better choices in accessories, more choices in colors, good looks, resale value etc etc. For me, being that I’ve been doing this line of work all my life, the choice is simple. I’ll explain my experiences and try to be as logical as I can be in helping you to make the best possible choice for you in the near or distant future.

cost pondering

Right off the bat, lets talk the almighty dollars and cents as far as overall COST is concerned as the number 1 reason why you should buy custom. Everyone knows about cost. Perhaps there’s been a few articles that you’ve read or heard someone say that, “Custom cabinets will cost you a ton of money!”. But do they really? Cabinets come in a HUGE variety of prices. Its kind of like shopping for a car. There’s a lot of different types and they all offer a certain capability.

As a comparison, lets take a look at an average kitchen “L shaped” layout with a third wall. What I mean by this is 3 walls of cabinetry for the average American home in the Northeast U.S.A. If you shop around and depending on who you are talking to, you could be looking at an average $15,000- $30,000.00 for the cost of the kitchen cabinets. Some places will give you a counter top, some places won’t. Some places will offer you a granite top “for free”. Some won’t. Its been my experience that most people sink more money into their appliances and counter top because they see more return from them. That’s simple right? Sure it is! After all.. who wants to do dishes anymore or wait forever for something to cook? Our appliances do a whole helluva lot for us!

How about that counter top? They sure see a lot of use..spills, hot pans, sliding things on them, scratches etc. We’ve all known the damage that can lay into a counter top these days. So why not use granite or a good man-made synthetic product? It makes perfect sense and I do agree, use whatever is best for you or suits your needs. However, this idea or principle doesn’t quite fit on how much your cabinets get used. How many times do those doors open and close? How many times do those drawers (especially the ones you use every day and how many times a day?)  get opened and closed? How about those convenience items you have and how often do you use those? I’m not sure many of you think of these things. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But in buying a new kitchen, I’d sure consider these things. Because just like anything you buy today, like the old saying.. “You get what you pay for” is sooo true even when it comes to cabinets. But what determines how a cabinet is to be made? What determines how it will look?

price more than value

For us custom manufacturers, we normally use what we feel are the best materials possible in constructing cabinets for each order and it doesn’t mean that it will cost more in the long run. Because, in the long run.. it will save you more. Here at CCNJ, we build a vast variety of different cabinets. Each order is different and each project is treated accordingly as to what the purpose the cabinet is being used for and where it is going.  Be it a residential or commercial environment, damp or moist environment, along with the type of use we expect it to receive. Then, there is the overall finished look of the cabinet/counter top in question. What we use is specific to the end purpose of the cabinet. We use materials specific for the situation that our product will be immersed in. Be it a kitchen, bath, office or commercial bar. So right off the bat, when buying a name brand cabinet the first thing that most of us look at and get drawn to is how beautiful that kitchen you’ve seen in a showroom will look in your home. Yes, so beautiful! They are made to catch your eye! But.. what materials were they made from? Were they the best possible choice for you as an individual? Or, were the materials simply what a bulk or name brand manufacturer has purchased a ton of by buying a freight train car full of for a discount. Am I trying to justify high prices? The answer is a firm … NO! I am communicating VALUE. Buy VALUE! Not JUNK at fair price!

cost more value

So, when choosing to buy cabinets, do you know the difference in materials? I don’t mean this offensively but as an average consumer.. I’m going to assume that you probably don’t. Furthermore, does the salesman or even the kitchen designer who, at this very moment is very busy with his or her computer mouse clicking in numbers of cabinet boxes to create that dream kitchen you want… does he or she know? Since they don’t build cabinets for a living (like I do).. I’m going to venture out and say that, they don’t truly know either. They just do what they’re told or trained to do and that’s to sell you a kitchen or whatever. As a professional.. I take this a bit more personal as a life long passion. My advice? Don’t buy an economy car at luxury car price and think you’re getting a luxury car because of cost!

Here’s an additional quote for those of you who believe that only the low or cheapest price is the best route

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

BUY VALUE!  Custom made just for you, IS VALUE! I will explain why in part III in continuation of this BLOG post. 

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