Why Buy Hand Crafted Cabinets

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My insight, thoughts and experience on Buying hand-crafted cabinets

Maybe some of you have been in a situation of needing repair parts for your broken cabinets or even new cabinets thinking that, a giant mega Home Center will have all the answers to your cabinet problems with their large selection of mass produced products or the replacement parts you need to help you fix your problem. It sounds simple right? Not really…read on.

As a side statement here and based on my personal experience of having shopped for laminated flooring for a friend’s home, I found that these places are all set up as a huge overwhelming warehouse hardware store with an impressive inventory of stocked items. Truth is, many times these same centers don’t have in stock what they show as samples. Many times the better quality or more expensive items need to be ordered at a much higher price. These places want to get you in the door with cheap prices on sale items and would have you walk out buying a shopping cart full of tidbits with the high priced items being ordered online.

Lets not forget the overly friendly Fran or Joe to help you out. Why else would corporate headquarters have them there talking to you with smiling faces like they do? I’m sure the powers to be know that most people that go there aren’t tradespeople and need someone to guide or help. I’ve also personally found out that some of these “helpful folks” don’t really know what they’re talking about. But I also believe that as a catch 22, you’d never find anything and you’d be lost in the maze without them (that is a help btw).

So, in continuation of my post….it’s then, when you’re there long enough and worn out from the experience and explanations on how to fix your simple problem that you end up getting frustrated (If you’re honest with yourself, many of you know that you’re in over your head at this point) in the quest to solve your simple problem of how to fix your kitchen cabinet problems. It’s then that, you end up in the “new cabinet section or dept” only to sign up for another spectacular something you like looks wise because you convince yourself that, “it’s for the best” and like a car that gives you problem.. you just want the problem to go away.

Hopefully your new order will last. What’s worse afterwards, is that it was more than the cost of the repair that you thought was the ideal solution and now, you had to pay for something you really weren’t looking for in the first place. It ends up being more complicated and costing you more in the long run and you have to pay for the whole thing up front even before its in your home and you can use it!

Now please if you’re still with me here, we understand your frustrations. We’re not a mega corporation and we seriously don’t ask for 100% up front like all the mega home and kitchen centers do now a days. If you’ve been reading my Blog, remember my earlier posts about middle men and value? Sure, there’s the bulk manufacturing process that lowers costs blah blah blah. The reason you have to pay 100% down is this. They have to order your kitchen through a manufacturer or distribution system, get it in stock at their location and arrange to install it at your location (if that’s part of your purchase) via some company or their employees that do the work for them.

Now on the other hand, we do all the fabrication of your new cabinets at our location and install them ourselves. We don’t ask for 100% down. This is because we have faith in our own ability to communicate with you and to produce a product that you will be happy and satisfied with. We also have faith in you as well. I think this principle works both ways for you as our client and us at CCNJ. It is a time-honored process and is simply something that works and is what we believe in and support.

Our work (in the form of our products) always leave our shop totally qualified for you as our client(s). What that means is that we take the time to carefully go over all of our work to ensure that what we are delivering to you is up to our ultra high standard of quality. This means no broken or mis-adjusted drawer slides, missing pieces, broken handles, cracked or warped wood. Which, (if you’ve ever have had to deal with a home center) requires a call to customer support that takes a huge amount of time to arrange for a repair and or replacement. Unlike home centers that can take days or weeks to address the issue, we are there on the spot during the installation phase making adjustments after installation with a final cleaning so that you don’t get cabinets loaded with dust and finger prints.

We at CCNJ focus on value. We’re aware of what you’re looking for and also want the best value. We use the best materials that we can get for you and also give you what you want overall in concept, layout, style, finish and aesthetics. We give you our experience in doing the job right from start to finish. I can say this because my father did this line of work all of his life. I’ve been doing this line of work all my life and so are my sons. We know how to do things right.

I want you to have peace of mind. I want you to have it RIGHT and to call us back for more cabinets, built-in furniture or that wall unit and or wet bar that you’ve always wanted in your home, office or place of business. I want you to be happy with what you had a hand in creating. We want you relying on our cabinets or kitchen etc. just like you rely on your iPhone to get that important call through to family when you need them the most or that Rolex to get you there on time when you need to be there. We want you proudly polishing that wall unit we make for you like you polish your prized BMW out in the garage. Isn’t it worth knowing that what you bought is the best that you can get? That’s comforting, that’s VALUE. Choose wisely.. Choose custom made in the USA! Call us with your needs. We love what we do and want to hear from you for all your custom cabinetry, furniture or woodworking needs.

We hope to hear from you soon,


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