Why Buy a High End Kitchen from CCNJ?

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You might ask, why buy a custom made high end kitchen or any other cabinetry or piece of furniture from CCNJ? I can totally answer that fully. Moreover, I can express myself honestly to you with many reasons why you should hire us to create and produce something you could and would enjoy and find useful for years to come.

Yes I can answer that and be bold and blunt about it. There’s no question in my mind that I can indeed honestly state that, we can produce almost anything and do it right by us and for you. That you’ll be happy with what we produce for you for years to come. You may ask, “Well Tom, How can you say that?” I will tell you that it’s like this… After devoting my entire life to the creation of and to the trade of what I do, with all of the generations before me, my own and that of my sons, with the level of experience that we as an organization have, with economic uncertainties out in the world today and the fact that, we’re still here. That, I’m still here doing what I do is testament to a simple truth, Yes.. I and we as a group, actually KNOW what we’re doing! Many others (certainly not all) in this business of high end custom cabinetry and furniture claim that they know. That they have you in mind. When in fact, they do not. They put up a good front but deliver garbage. If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with something that you’ve paid good money for, you know what I mean. It could be anything you buy, clothes, shoes, a meal.. anything.

I, as well as my sons want you to be satisfied with what we create, produce and deliver to you. WE invest our time and money in giving you that. We like knowing that you’re happy with what we did for you. My 48 years in this business speaks for itself. That in itself is the how and why I can say what I say. Yes I’m still here with plenty of experience and yet I’m still learning more and more each day. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 🙂

Let us build it right for you…

Until then,


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